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Belonging and entropy

 While entropy, which is breaking of organized structures into unorganized and chaotic structures grows within the whole universe, on Earth an in its surroundings there is a special situation of creating physical structures with higher organization and eventually creating life (see 41, 45). This anti-entropic activity is remarkable and scientists explain it with non-linearity of the universe. I do not know what leads the universe to reverse the general process of decomposition and wasting in a certain area of the universe (the Earth). Is it a futile revolt to an inevitable fate of destruction? Or is it a shy beginning of a different process, based on completely different principles? Who else can do this that a force outside the material world having a certain possibility to influence it without being dependent on its rules?

 This spiritual revolt against destruction and waste ends with the man as the highest creature, who is also the most organized creature, developing complex systems with the help of his activities. Creating complex structures is made from the simplest to the most complex ones. People and their products are the highest and the most organized elements. If we could trace the aim of this spiritual force, we could say that there is no other than this: creating more and more complex biological and technical organisms (for which the man was designed). This process is controlled by a spiritual force to create a perfect pattern, however the organisms are not perfect at all. Anti-entropic process is carried out on the base of the laws of these spiritual forces that I call natural principles, but it is probable that spiritual force can interfere with life directly. Fossil findings in fact prove both theories (see 49, 45).

Spiritual energy, which is outside the system of human perception of world (see 4, 19, 20, 22), was many times wrongly interpreted and abused. Therefore many people refuse it and try to explain it with the help of materialism: the world exists somehow spontaneously and everything is controlled by laws and principles that just are, without answering the question “why these principles exist and who created them”? In people’s minds concretisation given by practice in a material world prevails and it is hard to accept anything general, which is abstract to an extent, and sceptical thinking tries to grasp it. There have been many cases that could not be proven by anything else that the spiritual force works directly, e.g. against natural principles, on the base of its own unpredictable will or human wish (prayer). Unfortunately it has its own interests and it will never become a servant to people, it will not necessarily be at hand to people, however it promotes anti-entropic activities and efforts and prefers complex systems (people) before simple ones (bacteria, viruses).

 The basic mistake in the area of current and past spiritual techniques is an appeal to spiritual detachment from material life. I think that the spirit should control the matter, not detach itself from it, we have been created to work under the influence of spiritual forces, not to avoid life. Spiritual detachment from specific material cases and general thinking about the world is necessary as to find methods to solve the material life but not in an autotelic way.

 If this spiritual force standing outside us and working on a different principle enters the real world, it creates its static antithesis (the devil, the Satan, the dark forces, the forces of evil etc.). People however do not necessarily recognize this every time and they often cooperate with the antithesis, which has opposite effects (decomposition, death of higher organisms, destruction, illness, death). Therefore it is necessary to hold on to experience and traditional order. It is also best if the person relies especially on himself, usually when he was expecting that spiritual forces would help him reach his foolish aims. This is important especially today, when people managed to control a part of the natural forces. Spiritual thesis and antithesis evidently fight over the direction of the world – anti-entropic (thesis) or entropic (antithesis). Man is the result of anti-entropic process and therefore he should know what side to fight for.

 The constructional values (uniting people into communities) on the base of belonging as for example faithfulness or unity (patriotism, family solidarity) promote the anti-entropic process but today they step aside on the base of the process of disjunction to less valuable ideas, rather decomposing values (decomposing the communities) – egoism, individualism etc. It is a process going towards spiritual entropy, started by people. The cause can be explained by the fact that people took over a part of the natural processes (elevated themselves to Gods, above the world), whereas they do not have enough abilities to fulfil this mission.

 Despite this, we cannot go back and succumb to all the natural laws to which people succumbed during their dependence on nature. It is necessary to engage the mind in the sense of requirements and will of superior spiritual force because without obeying it we will destroy not only ourselves but also the whole cosmic process. Reason therefore has to comply with the requirements of anti-entropic process and with the cosmic criteria ensuring this process. The less people succumb to natural principles, the more they have to perceive and obey the cosmic criteria and the more they have to be connected to cosmic spiritual force. The first command is to return the natural principles into people’s lives anywhere where it is possible, the second command is to obey the cosmic criteria and create traditional order corresponding with them. This requires belonging to the natural principles, to nature and to anti-entropic constructional spiritual force. In a society it is necessary to have belonging with other people, manifested by constructional values. Only this way people can fulfil their mission to improve the world and give meaning to their existence. The whole theory tells us that spirituality is superior to matter and only this way it can fulfil its purpose. Meditation and contemplation have to serve it; they cannot detach the spirit from the matter in order to avoid the problems of life.

 I state this theory here only as an addition, it is not a necessary condition for timeless humanism.