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Conclusion: End of the history?

 I write this book in order to make clear the current disturbing situation. Some scientists believe that every cell has its own self-destructive mechanism. Civilizations are similar. I do not agree with this, the history has proven many times that the mechanisms of revival, which I describe above, have the power to revive the society, however it is often painful and unacceptable. Therefore it is only important whether there is a will to do it. It is not an issue of some spontaneous mechanism, but of human vitality, which still contains a certain amount of will.


Everyone knows what I describe here. Despite this most of the people act like they do not care at all. I wanted to point out that the solution of the new situation is not possible to acquire using old methods and doctrines. I wanted to pass the moralists and fundamentalists, who would require fulfilling inappropriate doctrines. I search for the solution in the secular area but maybe it would happen also by preparation of higher spiritual revival. I also know that timeless humanism does not agree with any of the current agendas. En-block is unacceptable for everyone. This is the fate of completely new independent views. It is a very hard fate, because we will not find support except for the support of other independent people.

 If the current modernity is a moral anarchy where the moral rules are only of an operative character, timeless humanism is a new grade of civilization, which gives rules for sustainable existence of people and the nature. Most of the civilizational inventions will remain, the civilization exists and it overcomes decadence. Primary service for individuals ends; the service to the future becomes a priority.

 The mission of people is no longer infinite bulking of material means. The mission becomes fulfilling the “natural obligations”, which can also be expressed in a Christian way: “serve God”. This metaphorically means to “serve naturalness”, to carry out the obligations connected with continuation of the humanity and the nature. Human reason has to become reasonable.

 This will not happen without conscious care because the world is developing spontaneously either in material and population destruction or in totalitarianism. Everything we experience in the continuity of the universe has meaning, not only what I want has meaning. The humanity has its mission that needs to be fulfilled, and the nature is its partner.

 Every person leads his own unique life and has the opportunity to create the history. Since a certain time (since the point of unnaturalness) the contributions of individuals to controlling the nature are not important anymore, but the contribution to conserve the biosphere including people are. Who understands that today it is not important to create products meaning further and further using of natural processes, but ensuring the continuity of the humanity, creates the history.