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Ing. Vlastimil Podracký


  The author graduated from the Brno University of Technology in electrical engineering. He worked as an engineer in the production and design organizations, later on organizational projects and computer programs. After the anticommunist coup became a journalist and writer. Biographical novel Heroes are giving thanks, discusses the life struggle dissident Vladimir Hučín that after the coup became the Czech counterintelligence officer with the rank of captain and had conflicts with the surviving Communists in government. Avoiding the pitfalls of assassinations and eventually he was falsely accused, and removed from office only after five years of lawsuits acquitted. Further biographical novel darkroom discusses the prisoners of the communist regime of Josef Koudelka, who lived in different correctional facilities 18 years, and his fellow prisoners, one of whom was the author’s father.

Author worried about the fate of the free world, and therefore increasingly devoted unfavorable phenomena of modernity and wrote several political science and philosophical works, which advocates conservatism and dispels the imperfection liberal ideological theories. These parts are Civil resurgence, return to home and timeless humanism. The book Beware of tunneling, one of the first points on the practices leading to steal the original state enterprises should be privatized.

Achievements in the field of fiction with previous biographical books led the author to three books genre of realistic sci-fi. The work examines the Yellow Peril life in Europe at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Europe has a mastery of Muslims is partly conquered China, which has political reasons to renew interest in European culture. In the episode last one deals with the world in the fourth millennium, when people already cease to utter degeneration and decadence. In the work of Sodom and Gomorrah, describes the ancient biblical story as the decline of an advanced civilization that destroys itself in a similar way as today’s modernity and that God must destroy in order to infect the world.

Publishes on his blog, website and in several magazines.

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