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Evolution of general order; transposition of rules

  Reflections that perceive cosmic order suggest that current general order no longer contains rules to prevent nuclear war, environmental degradation, depletion of resources, and extinction of European ethnicities and so on. Unfortunately internal mechanism of transposition, formed in the past especially by the law of natural selection does not work anymore. Man has to perform transposition consciously. The reason why the general order is collapsing is that the natural mechanisms of life were removed by man who carried out the transposition by rules that are not valid and do not replace well the removed natural parts of the general order. When man found out that transposition of beyond his capabilities (especially the communist regime and various state interventions in the economy convinced him), succumbed to fatalism and reliance on spontaneity of the process of evolution. FA Hayek (see 24) also discusses in his interpretation of spontaneous order the Internal self-determining evolutionary mechanism, which I in this context call transpositional mechanism. Hayek recognizes human activity unconscious within the system, where people who do not know each other cooperate. Individuals don’t always know the ultimate purpose. At the same time, the rules of society are spontaneously changed. Spontaneity of development of traditional order is attributed to advantageous ties within the marketplace and emotional ties as adversarial to spontaneous process. I consider this a mistake. If we look back to the Middle Ages, we would find out that market played only minor role in the spontaneous development, although there was some. All spontaneous development depended primarily on mechanisms motivated by emotions and virtue. Therefore, I argue that the influence of emotions and virtue in the whole process of social evolution count as advantageous. Thus it is not true that “the market will solve everything”, as derived by many philosophers from his teachings.
  Therefore, I believe that the transposition of the rules of general order utilizes all sources of changes, unconscious and targeted as well as emotional and those based on merit. Thatcher did nothing different than many rulers in history who redirected social-cultural evolution to another track in another direction. In what I call the transposition, all human interventions are part of the general order. Only superhuman power can have effect from the outside. Even communist regime had its development which worked against it and eventually brought about its downfall. Even socialist governments before Thatcher were developing when nationalizing businesses and implementing high taxes. On the other hand, development in a free society cannot be always considered continuous and unconscious process either. Capitalism implicitly without the presence of moral rules that the market itself can never provide, is slowly transforming itself in mafia-style distribution of power. Perhaps the next intervention will be dirigistic? Would this be an impermissible interference of the state to implement enforcement of moral rules? No matter what, this will always be transposition of general order. In this case, I believe that transposition does not have to be done solely by economic mechanisms as the dominant force. There are other natural principles which can be applied. One of them is even civic solidarity and democratic mechanisms derived from it.

  Society in its evolution has never been entirely just normocracy (rule of law) or teleocracy (government that enforces its mission). It is mandatory that evolution works with both types of governance. In the end of the day, any change to the law is, among other things, also change that serves some purpose. However, unconscious changes that are not directed by any purpose identifiable by the actors certainly exist, too. We know that evolution of order does not just experience small changes, but also abrupt ones. Even though it is usually not good, sometimes it is necessary. Aside from interventions based on some agenda, sometimes there is an effect of “release of an expanded spring” or “buptured dam”. Also the campaign of Prime Minister Thatcher was an example of this effect, even though not very significant one. Accumulation of debt, which then requires “revolutionary action”, may be yet another story that we experience.

  At the beginning of rationalism man revealed basic principles of the material world and confirmed them by experimental methods. Everything what affects normal life basically works based on mechanistic Cartesian principles and developmental theories. Brick falling from scaffolding follows the laws of mechanics and it does not happen that it would avoid a man’s head just because of the theory of relativity, which was introduced into these laws later and which is only marginally active. Every farmer and forester knows that the law of natural selection applies to the biological field and his daily life remains unaffected. Things proven by ordinary life remain valid most of the time even though not absolutely. As we know every rule initiated and confirmed by practice is actually simplified. The world is in fact more complex than we think, but to burden ourselves in our social practice is usually unnecessary.