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Historical process of the phenomenon of disjunction


  Mr. Kabele (see 68) discuss the first and second wave of individualism. The latter completes the process and at the end the author writes: “… members of families are increasingly living their exclusive personal biographies… Everyone has to make their own choices.” Then he describes reincarnations leading to alienation. This is just one part of the story that unfolds right in front of our eyes. Individualism and alienation, however, only work in social space.The whole story can be adopted to explain the process of disjunction; it just has to be understood that disjunction is a broader term that includes alienation of people and individualism as one part. Another part is complete disconnect from nature, on vitality, and cosmic principles associated with it.

  Specific examples of gradual disjunction are obvious in the history of Western civilization. Let me present some: Originally spontaneous sex was gradually constrained with rules, incorporated in successful societies (the unsuccessful ones became extinct). The rules were changing, but the basic principle remained: to direct sex and a romantic enchantment to formation of a family in order to produce offspring that would have conditions for existence and good upbringing. The last rules of this kind influenced by Christianity have been removed during the “separating youth revolution” in the sixties. Spontaneous sex returned, but to a society that has long since drifted away from its natural principles and most importantly lost its tribal character in favor of an individualistic one; therefore it was no longer acceptable to produce children as a result of free love. Technical measures had to be found – effective birth control. This culminated in separation from an order (first a natural and then traditional one) and introduced birth control by an individual. This situation separates people from one another, because the partners are no longer dependent on each other; women work for pay and are equal; and society provides services for individuals in such a way that mutual interdependence of family and division of labor within a family decreases.

  Disjunction of generations stems from lack of mutual usefulness. The old generation has income derived from previous economic activity, rather than depending on the number and skills of their children. Separation from continuity of the family line is the result of this process. Those who behave conservatively are discriminated against. They raise children whose work is consequently used for production of revenue and ensuring of function of operation of entire civilization. This is then abused by those who did contribute to their existence and upbringing only minimally or not at all.First nature managed to help itself from human interventions by itself. Then rules for land management developed. Before these were formed, losses obviously occurred on both sides.

  Sometimes nature did not even recover, but on the other hand, human societies responsible for it usually did not survive or had to change their order.In the original natural world, man with his general order belonged to the order of nature; farmers have developed and in their dogmas included rules that were in line with the continuity of nature and their own bloodline. Their internal transpositional mechanism worked and was forme primarily by the law of natural selection. However, let’s not ignore human perception of natural cosmic order, belonging to cosmic principles, expressed religiously as a belief in God.People perceive the cosmic criteria via their vital essence. Farmers were connected with land by a life bond, they understood it, and knew what it needed. These rules of belonging to nature were however disrupted by todays’ new agricultural methods, with devastating effects, which are widely known. The communist regime and Western modernity have not taken note of the cosmic criteria (God’s will); and did not perform transposition of rules. Also human vitality decreases with lack of manual labor; man alienated himself from the natural harmony of manual and intellectual activity. Even quite recently, people perceived that it can’t work this way; that children must be physically active and that man must work physically or keep moving somehow. All this seems to have disappeared due to skeptical fatalism.

  Disjunction from cosmic criteria is not only caused by overcoming the traditional rules, but also by the inability to create new rules, adequate to new situation. Development naturally headed in a certain direction, but transpositional mechanism failed to automatically conduct transposition of old rules for new reality. The phenomenon of disjunction degrades general order because it destroys transpositional mechanism. Belonging to natural principles could sooner replace the natural order with a social one. This is no longer possible; new, mostly consumerist and hedonistically oriented rules do not contain anything that would be of sufficient quality to replace the natural principles, or benefited from them.