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Manifestation of decadence – the Threat

Above I focused on generation of debt which arose from decadent wealth. But the only part of decadence included in this debt is that transferable to some material or financial form.   Decadence is also present in biological and anthropological values which are often hidden; often only suspected; and observable only on surface.

  1. Ecological threat is sufficiently elaborated in ecological works. I want to emphasize that destruction of natural environment is from moral and esthetic point of view inacceptable; just like it is dangerous to overexploit nonrenewable resources. In the end, pollution affects humans and their health. Human organism has to resist pollution and from certain level it is not able to cope with it and falls ill; in some cases the damage is also genetic. To what extent polluted environment is harmful is a question I will discuss in section on natural selection.
  2. Low birth rate at glance does not seem to be worrisome in any way because it is desirable that overpopulated world decreased number of its inhabitants. But this is only shallow opinion. It is known that a nation which has birth rate lower than 2.2 children per woman strides to gradual population decline and hardly stoppable exponential process of demise. But why is low birth rate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              harmful?
    1. Social problems arise when number of young people declines and number of elderly increases. The young then have a problem feeding the old especially considering all those expensive life-extending measures. As mentioned previously, technological advance grows slower than decadence itself.
    2. But emancipation phenomena and immigration is far worse. Low numbers of descendants get education which is too high, not always of good quality; but diverts all motivation from manual labor and makes them only look for work which does not include physical strain. We know that there is linear dependent relationship between manually and non-manually working people. This depends on technological advancement and international division of labor. Nonetheless, in every country there are large numbers of manual activities, usually at least three menial jobs per one non-menial. Emancipated population spends too long time studying, starts families late, and restricts birth rate. At the same time, even in a country which is dying out, people are needed to keep the population of retirees alive. Usually the solution comes in acceptance of immigrants. This would not necessarily be a problem but because of significant drop in birth rate (1.2 – 1.4 child per woman) it is necessary to accept large numbers of immigrants. These then come with their own cultural demands, have more children than domestic population, which has a problem maintaining its own culture or ethnic clashes arise (similar situation occurred in Kosovo and resulted in bloody conflict). In France there is a similar trend observable; one third of children come from Muslim families. Euro-American civilization, aprt from technical and material advancement, has currently noting valuable to offer to the immigrants and how to appeal to them. This is how indoctrination of whole civilization area can occur; bringing completely new values and extinction of original interpretation of history and culture. The need for immigration clearly documents that technological advance in situation of steep decline in birth rate cannot compensate the problem with sustaining the army of old men and women. Machines, as we can see, did not replace man in his work sufficiently; to allow the system to have less people and take care of the old without input of workers from outside.
  3. Degradation of human lineage comes with non-existen natural selection and loss of will to live. Other factors are polluted environment and way of life.
    1. As discussed below, prominent manifestation of reverse natural selection is so called emancipation paradox, which leads to decline in intelligence quocient in population through mechanism that intelligent women have less children than those who are below average or have a history of drug abuse and similar negative characteristics. This does not only include intelligence but also the will and ability to work. I am not going to speculate what does this mean for the future.
    2. Degradation of psycho-somatic abilities (computer children, life without physical strain) is well known so I do not have to discuss that any further here, and only refer to various medical and sociological surveys.
    3. Medical measures (vaccination, medications) save those children and young people who in the past would have died in pre-reproduction due to natural selection, or at least did not participate in reproduction and would not transfer their negative characteristics to next generation. That’s how mankind is constantly burdened by increasing number of hereditary diseases and adverse health limitations in population. Here I have to warn that after fulfilling the reproduction duty this question becomes irrelevant because even though the individual does feel the consequences of polluted environment, it does not get transferred to further generations. Thus it is important to eliminate generationally transferrable damage through reproduction in younger age of parents when acquired diseases do not yet manifest.
    4. Ecological pollution affects health and therefore degrades whole population of people. Then there is certain problem with determination what level of damage is still acceptable and what is not. Change of environment to a certain degree does not harm if there is still natural selection functioning and people who did adjust to unfavorable changes in environment reproduced. For this, natural selection would have to exist, and sufficient number of individuals would have to exist.  Because none of these factors exists, polluted environment absolutely affects worsening of overall health in population.
  4. Loss of will and unnaturalness
    1. In general, loss of will is accompanied by unnatural, let’s say pathological behavior. On first instance, the influence of economical circumstances manifest in the fact that people do not work and are not even familiar with the problems work life brings. Then there are tendencies which are consequence of this situation, which provide ideological framework for it. When the will to start families disappear, people come up with individual freedom of a woman who does not have to be a mother but has to have equal opportunities with a man to succeed at work. When solidarity to national society vanishes, multiculturalism appears. Pacifist ideas are based on loss of will to fight and defend ones family and way of life; usually there is nothing to defend when there is no family and no solidarity to society. Ecologists manifest this through antropomasochism and non-demanding love to animals. Naturally, somatic weakening has its effect, too.
    2. Poor upbringing of children is one of visible manifestations of unnaturalness. It is very obvious that there are more and more children on drugs, who are more aggressive and lazier and more addicted to things than ever before. They do not learn how to spontaneously form a community and solve social relationships; they do not spend enough time on their own with other kids unknown to them without the supervision of adults. I will analyze the causes further down and only note that this is more a question of recognized values which is related to the ideals of modernist society, and also economic standard which does not require children to be led to work.

5. Uncertainty

Uncertainty is given by thinking reduced to present only, without significant outreach to surroundings and to the future. Typically, people live on debit and do not create reserves. Sole reliance on free market is precarious because free market is constantly changing and crises come and with them unemployment. At the same time, market is the last functional natural mechanism; other natural principles which would direct people no longer apply in society; not even traditional moral rules. Future is chaotically formed by random process of human imperfect decisions, fickle will of a crowd which can come up with any stupid idea as we are constantly witnessing and a an unregulated market which often provides immoral incentives. In this situation there is nothing what would provide certainty. Fatalism therefore threw away all certainties and visions for future. In following sections I will discuss essence of decadence and here I will only clarify its immediate causes: 

  1. Economic causes are not the most important ones. They depend on technical means controlled by human will but usually it is necessary to discuss them first. Relationship between wealth and ecologic problems is well known. Again, I am referring to ecological literature (see 25, 32, 22, 40, 41). Mostly they complain about high material standard which requires high material and energetic resources which are obtained from limited deposits of non-renewable resources. Moreover, human activity pollutes and destroy natural environment.

 Often people blame market mechanism and many ecologists see rectification through some market restrictions, simple market regulation. Less they talk about restriction of material standard which is the only remedy which can really help. But market mechanism produces yet another undesirable manifestation and that is so-called virtual overcrowding represented by unemployment where the fact of market mechanism functions through technological and organizational advancement. To be able to employ viable people it is necessary to constantly increase wealth and that means mainly consumption. In the end this becomes a ride on a tiger. It is constantly necessary to manufacture and consume, or alternatively, destroy more. This is how employment is kept high. Only part of the population is employed in services, though, which are not energetically and materially demanding; most are in increasingly energetically and materially discerning manufacturing, sometimes even in other countries. The threat of unemployment is permanent in presence of high working tempo and stress at the same time.

  Because most people do not demand increased services and other goods, they have to be convinced that they should order and buy more nevertheless. Until people genuinely needed this produce, it could be assumed that people will always have work; but if products which are non-essential or not important are being sold, then convincing a customer to buy them becomes more difficult what results in non-ethical campaigns and practices. Whole culture is controlled by convincing people on the need to waste more products. At the same time, employment is almost entirely in marketing and sales, and therefore very uncertain; and the need for flexibility and travelling makes settling down more difficult.

   High economic status allows acquiring technical means which create unnatural life, as was already said.  

  1. Technical causes of anthropological decadence. Humans at certain emancipation level attempted to control its own reproduction and invented numerous ways of doing so, including various technical means. If these means were not perfectly efficient, unplanned children were still being born. In environments where decadence took root already, mostly in urban environments, birth rate was lower than in pre-modern environments; nonetheless it is still higher than it is now, the difference being about one child per family. Only perfectly efficient contraception and free access to abortions stopped this. Thus we can say that technical means which limit reproduction play important but not decisive role in decadence; the decisive force is human will. Technical means, perfect contraception, cannot be eliminated from life, to increase number of unplanned children, and therefore it is necessary to influence human will culturally and ideologically.
  2. Urban paradigm. Current paradigm developed psychologically and culturally certainly at least three generations and became to a certain degree traditional. Whilst rural population had higher birth rate, urban population gradually headed towards existing decadent paradigm. Rural population was moving to cities firstly because they offered jobs and were developing, and secondly because they did not have numerous young generation. Whole decadence was not apparent due to this “replenishment effect from countryside”; and nobody was worried about it; people still relied on those who will have children in sufficient numbers and that there still will be people coming from somewhere. Anthropological decadence manifested fatally only when rural paradigm expired completely, and urban habits spread to rural population as well what was by the way considered a great achievement. Improvement of quality of life of rural population occurred on debit just like in the case of urban population long time ago. In total, anthropologic deficit was no longer compensated from anywhere and it suddenly manifested full blown in numbers and statistics.

   Urban environment concentrated whole culture in itself. Because there were no children, people could focus on culture, science, and the whole intellectual life of progress conditioned by advancement. Maybe, in the past, intellectually gifted people still had children in numbers which sustained replacement due to their women who invested their energy in upbringing of children and allowed their husbands pursue their intellectual, cultural, and working activities by providing support. But gradually this no longer applied because women became intellectually active; too, what meant significant number of them minimized or rejected reproduction completely. Because urban decadence dominates culture and rules within society for some time already, materially individualistic ideas are still valid; including those that children are a burden and nothing happens if this does not happen or at least becomes minimized. Abundance of human material from countryside and no need to produce enough descendants in urban areas was in last, maybe three, generations traditionally confirmed by this decadent paradigm; and this is therefore not perceived by individual people due to this “rural replenishment effect”. Extinction of whole families has been going on for some time already; but only now this was recorded in statistics.

  Too demanding environment is part of urban paradigm. Children cannot play outdoors and create spontaneously collectives, like Foglar’s Boy Scouts, and learn to solve general problems of coexistence which transcend an individual. Education is a time and money-consuming activity. Time when it was possible to let kids simply hang around at village green or in a courtyard and don’t have to worry about them for half-a-day is long gone. They have to attend playgroups and sports organizations to get some exercise. There is no natural physical activity, only unnatural lounging around and sitting at computers and other electronic media. Parents, to avoid adverse consequences, become over-burdened. In addition, it is necessary to provide education to children and if this does not materialize, parents feel guilty that they did not do enough for their child. Sometimes, education like that can last until 30 years of age of such a child. This way, environment is created, in which it is very difficult to form a more numerous family.

  The whole culture of urban paradigm diverts from family, including cultural works, television shows, and novel stories from children’s books. Socializing, coffee shops, theaters, entertainment. Influence of all this environment leads to sterility. In Japan, married couples allegedly no longer engage in sexual activity. They find satisfaction in massages and other similar substitutions (see 34). Humans no longer need a partner. Culture of unnaturalness reached perfection.

  From time to time, some families rebel against the unavoidability of demise and have three children, but in next generation decadence continues and is not even perceived by the actors themselves. One daughter cannot have children, second is pursuing her career and only discovers her maternal instincts too late, and son has two children. Nobody perceives this process is decadent and that the next generations only equals one third of the previous one.

  1. Modernistic ideas – agenda of unnaturalness. Because these ideas are fundamental and create the rules for human behavior, in next sections I will analyze current modernistic ideas and agendas.