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Humbleness of reason. A new phase of critical rationalism

1/ Humbleness of reason. A new phase of critical rationalism

1/ Humbleness of reason. A new phase of critical rationalism, in which “reason becomes reasonable”, it criticizes itself, starts to contemplate itself and comes to the knowledge of its limitations. Humbleness of reason is reached internally naturally with a conservative feeling of belonging to the mankind, not only to the inventions of reason. Reason admits that there are things above it and there will always be such things. These things are recognizable by reason as limited beings. Humbleness of reason is necessary to understand other parts of timeless thinking.


 Currently, a certain “pride of reason” prevails. It is a conviction that people will invent everything and solve everything with reason. We can see that people caused conflicts, invented many means of destruction of the nature and themselves. They drain the seas, destroy the tropical jungles and pollute the environment. They destroy themselves in advanced civilizations without exercise, advanced nations are dying out and starting to have insufficient amount of means for social needs. They do not have self-reflection, which would provide some kind of flashbacks, a humility, the knowledge that they are not able to grasp everything with reason, that there are limits and they have to be precautious. Pride of reason was created from the disjunction of people from the nature, digression from natural principles and elevating people to Gods, which caused non-critical relationship to human reason and its inventions. There is nothing to substitute reason, but reason has to become reasonable at last and find a critical approach towards itself. By this it will find out that not everything can be solved with reason. There are natural principles that are more powerful, more secure, perfect but especially safer than human reason. They will learn that naturalness is better than constructivist projects of human reason, that there are superior principles that cannot be overcome.


 Humbleness of reason is necessary especially because people control the nature and the planet to an extent and their decisions are important. I do not agree that people should make equal partners to animals and other living creatures; they cannot be equal partners because they decide about the fate of the others. People can only be the managers.


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