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2/ Naturalness

2/ Naturalness means preferring vital qualities of people and natural principles of the world to unnaturalness. This also includes conviction about the existence of a natural order and getting to know this order.

Separation from human nature gets one to perdition. The elevation of man to “ abated creature “ there is a reluctance to bear children , to educate them , to work and strive to live in a natural environment , defend their families and communities . Society can not exist where the system drastic contraception , abortion and artificial insemination solves handling fertility , where there is no natural selection healthier and more capable .


 Natural order includes natural principles. These are the “building blocks” of the world. They are physical and chemical laws, biological laws and the laws of the human society coming from the essential qualities of people (the qualities that are included in the human essence are everybody has them). Such a natural principle is for example the market competition, which is the derivative of the law of natural selection. Other natural principles are: human belonging creating collectives, the effort to succeed, the effort to start a family, the effort of children to move, play etc. Natural principles work independently on human reason, but it is usually possible for people to remove them from their life and sometimes substitute them by a human invention. Natural principle is characterized by “toughness” – it is a building block, which can be used or removed, but it can be changed only slightly because it has its own inner rationality.

 Traditional social order including all rules of life that are often hard to explain, nevertheless we know that they got the nation through the history, is also a natural principle. These rules are for example the rules for the creation of families, prejudice of divorce, effort for morality, codification of belonging, fair acting, balance of work and reward etc.

 Respecting the traditional order means respecting naturalness, denying constructivism, protecting natural life and trying to bring back the naturalness. This goes along especially with the return of the natural principle of human belonging. Natural principles encoded in human essence and existing in the traditional order include also the truth and justice, which are more important than any other ideologies. The truth is natural, it is the expression reality of the world, a lie is unnatural, it is the construction of the human mind.

 Humbleness of reason on the base of experience teaches us that human inventions are usually imperfect and do not work. Eliminating the market competition would mean economic decline, breaking of families leads to dying out and bad raising of children, decline of human belonging leads to selfishness, arguments, decomposition and mafia. 

 Searching for natural principles and preferring them is a command of timeless thinking. It is the return of naturalness into the life of people, which means it is conserved. As the mechanism of market necessary for economic prosperity returned, it is possible to return the natural mechanism of a family, which would be well supported with an example of  “pensions from children”, where a part of the pensions would be paid from the taxes of one’s own children – the number of children and their education would reflect on the rate of such a pension. Democracy, which should be introduced especially in local conditions where it can make a difference, is also a natural principle.

 Natural principles often became bases for ideologies. Natural principle of the market became the ideology of liberalism in its most extreme form (the market will solve everything). We relied on democracy too and we know that the process of its development is not complete yet.

 Natural laws are a part of the natural order, limiting human life. Everyone knows that if there are no children, human society will vanish and if there are not enough children, there will be problems with the life of the older people. If we use up all the resources, our survival will be difficult, if we pollute the environment, we will harm human organisms with potentially fatal pollution etc.

 We need to learn about the natural principles and use them, not destroy them. Natural laws have to be studied and recognized as superior norms.

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