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Respecting the superior (cosmic) principles

5/ Respecting the superior (cosmic) laws

5/ Respecting the superior (cosmic) laws and getting to know them as limiting and controlling norms in order to maintain existence of the whole living reality of the planet is important.

 Natural order has its executive part; these are the natural mechanisms, and its legislative part – natural laws. A part of the legislative part is fatal (cosmic); these are unchanging rules restricting the behaviour necessary for the survival of an organism and the whole living reality of the planet. People cannot change these laws and if they do not obey them, they will die out. These are usually very clear and obvious things: If we do not drink, we will die. If we pollute the nature, we will destroy the planet. If we will not work manually, we will degenerate physically.

 However there are hidden things: If the law of natural selection does not work, there will not be primarily healthy and hardworking people, but those, who never worked and who are not able to work or have generationally transmitted diseases. People will degenerate and even the most advanced healthcare system will not save them. Moreover, the society will collapse economically (which is already happening).

 Here it is important to realize that human wishes do not work unlike the reality, that any beautiful idea does not work, that any modernist or old theories do not work completely, that promising and blackmailing via political correctness is unnecessary and humiliating. Part of the current “pride of reason” is the tendency to not see, talk about and accept the cosmic criteria, to think that human reason will “come up with something”. But these cosmic criteria are superior to us without us being able to change anything about it. These criteria are relentless.

 Cosmic criteria tell us clearly that there is no paradise on Earth. This does not mean that people have to suffer and have a painful life but it is necessary that they make effort and work hard. If people would be able to gain everything without work and effort, there would be nothing to aim for and life would lose its meaning including reproduction. Will cannot be substituted by arbitrariness, work for a living cannot be substituted either. Effort cannot be substituted by kindergarten games.

 We know that a certain coincidence of natural principles or the lack of their coherence or the loss of any of these principles also leads to destruction. Especially the new rules of the social order, namely those that substitute non-functioning principles or out-dated rules, have to be verified to be cosmic criteria.

 An example of this is the situation after introducing efficient methods of contraception, which together with the whole paradigm of the modernity leads to postponing family and minimizing the number of children. Therefore it is necessary to introduce new rules of the order (changes of paradigms) in order to prevent the decrease of birth rate deep under the reproduction borderline and in order to ensure that the parents of children are suitably young and healthy. It is therefore necessary to create new rules corresponding to the cosmic criteria, especially after losing the old rules or after losing the natural principle (this phenomenon I call transposition).

 Responsibility for the whole living reality of the planet (see point 3) and the effort for conservation (see point 4) are based especially on the perception and respecting of the cosmic criteria. Refusing the cosmic criteria is usually caused by an ideological fixation of the mind. For example the necessity for natural selection of hard-working and competent people as parents of the children of the next generations faces many old schemes of egalitarian character. Ecological ideologies often put against each other the existence of people (they want people to extinct) and the nature, but they do not realize that by this they enable the situation of social collapse of their advocates and expansion of those, who will not listen to them. They are not acting ecologically and they will never do.

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