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Rooting – return to home


Motto: People live in their homes and if not, they do not live permanently

 Rooting is directly connected to belonging. It is not possible to imagine a society internally coherent, belonging with the principles and the order that has its members “flying” around the whole world, not making a living on local resources and not being dependent on one another. Within home there is a harmony of competition and solidarity but the aspect of rooting is at the same time promoted by the outer competition, the competition of homes. This internal competition enforces the feeling of belonging in a home.

 Home is the simplest world. The complexity of the world, especially of the globalized world, is given by huge amounts of specific individualities without ordered generalization. An individual is given over to high demands to know all the restrictions and the judicial practice of a morally chaotic character that lack system connections and represent only an electrical file of various forces of promoted ideas. People do not know what to do not to end up being blackmailed by any of the state offices or rich and influential individuals, criminals or immoral neighbours. People fear that any day an executor can come without prior warning and seize their property because of them failing to pay a small debt, they fear being punished for minor acts while a huge crime is impossible to prosecute. All old norms have fallen, even within preventing discrimination we introduced the “presumption of guilt” (in case of so called sexual harassment), which happened for the first time since the Nazi and the Communists.

 There are no generally given norms giving a guide for life. The whole reality of a globalized modernity makes the impression of chaos, which is suitable for big subjects, those that abuse the rules and also those that disobey them. It is a paradigm determined to destroy the middle class. Some people end up living in the street without their own fault, speculators and criminals win. However home does not solve everything, it should be able to create a simpler world, where people can connect, decide about the division of work and revolt together. The municipality should then create a simpler legislative environment and narrow down the issues so that people would understand them. Municipalities would need the state to protect them, instead of the citizens they would become “citizens” with a wider competences and possibilities to defend and promote themselves. It is a defence against the world of media, propaganda, half-truths, lobby, clientelism and corruption. Municipalities having their legitimacy from the citizens can become a sufficient opponent of the group interests that include many organizations of a worldwide character, serving to financially stable subjects standing behind them. I do not want to say that personal responsibility should vanish; on the contrary, if the situation is transparent, it will be on the increase. Responsibility will become really specific in the transparent environment of general laws.

 Other world than a world of homes is not possible to maintain permanently. A world of divided communities that compete between themselves with their different cultural models, especially make living in their own territory and allow people to be independent. I say this because in a global world it is not so common anymore for those, who escaped naturalness. Human naturalness goes towards the identity with only one home and this cannot mean the whole world. Return to naturalness is the return to home.

 Return to home is a complex restriction in order to create a natural environment for the people ensuring healthy reproduction, security and conditions for a healthy life. Home is the environment for the manifestation of natural mechanisms creating rules that are natural for life, not dictated. If there are natural connections, people do not consider limiting rules violent or hostile. When people start families that limit them and their freedom, they do not consider their family as being violent to them and their natural qualities make them continue in these natural mechanisms. Work and effort under the pressure of the market mechanism is unpleasant however people themselves recognize that it is necessary because it is natural (if the market has not become “the purpose itself”) and dictated by the laws of the market, not by human institutions. People considered working under the Communist regime rules unnatural and even slight limitation provoked anger in them, only because it was all a human construct. Another important complex topic of home is setting natural rules limiting freedom, accepted by people without them feeling hurt. Such rules however have to comply with the requirements of the activities connected to making a living and reproduction. I think that the natural connection between the people and their house and their land (in the moderate climate and in advanced civilizations) or other material values is a natural continuation of the whole development; it is the conservation of continuity. Moreover it means spiritual connection with our ancestors’ environment.

 Initial meta-institution of natural environment is justice manifested especially by balance of rights and obligations (there is no right without an obligation). Wage (right) can be paid only on the base of a fulfilled obligation (work). Reserve means (property) has to be understood as a right (also inherited right), which protects the society for people on the base of past work. It is necessary to overcome all forms of egalitarianism that give rights to people who do not deserve them due to their work for the society. Within timeless thinking it is necessary to complexly consider all works for the society. In the past children were born as a commonplace and help with their upbringing was also very common. Parents were honoured for this activity in a limited range only. Because the reality changed, it is desirable within timeless thinking to change this fatalistic approach and work with children has to be considered as fulfilling the obligations to the society and people carrying this work out should be given adequate rights. Any direct payments for children are not suitable because they represent egalitarianism and can support lazy people without abilities. The support should be given in the form of creating conditions for easing the work with children and education up to high school for free with securities, including the accommodation for students. With universities it should be different because it is for adult people who are able to make a living. Generally it applies that it is necessary to help those who are able to help themselves, who are competent and make effort and create better starting conditions than donations. Especially housing for young families, tax deductions and other obligatory payments should be covered by the state.

 Balance of rights and obligations is the antithesis of any unnatural balance. Therefore also the voting right of parents for children (at least up to 3 children – mother: the first child, father: the second child, mother: the third child) is the smallest possible increase of rights towards reciprocal obligations. Voting right related to property or earnings is not suitable because property itself does not mean fulfilling the obligations towards the society, if its function serving the society is not promoted (property can just lie in the bank, also real properties can damage the society, some kinds of business are not beneficial for the society etc.).

 Less competent people help the society too and therefore they also help those who start families and their ostracizing is an ideological construct of the liberals. Natural environment of the home is simpler and the complexities of the big world do not impact individuals but municipalities can grasp them. A natural environment where the base is a family will solve many things that are now the responsibility of the state, which is controlling them unproductively and usually under an influence of an irresponsible consumer crowd acting more emotively than reasonably.

 Home is a house full of children not only in terms of a beautiful aesthetic idea, but it is simply desirable in order to ensure that healthy people have more children in a period when the environment is changed so quickly and many other people are ill and incapable of adaption. Then in today’s modernistic family of one or two children the idea of natural selection and that children do not have to be healthy obviously vanished. People forget that these ill children would not be able to have their own offspring and that even they do not have to live until the productive age because during adolescence many irresponsible people gamble with their lives which in fact has always been a kind of natural selection of the more capable. However to ensure natural selection we need a wide range of individuals. Using only one or two individuals, natural selection would end with a catastrophic conclusion for the future of the mankind and in a generational horizon a species with this practice will surely extinct very soon.

 Home is connected with ambitious ecology, which is not only energetic but also general. It will be necessary to make huge effort to ensure the selection of adapted people in a current environment but burdening human organisms with other pollutants can lead the humanity, despite all the care, to a final end because the human body has only limited abilities to adapt and the selection of better individuals is not an absolute method of overcoming big and historically unseen changes of the environment. Therefore it is necessary to be conservative towards all the new detergents, pesticides and plastics, which however does not mean to stop using proven substances necessary for normal life. At the end it is necessary to say that transferring political competences to lower political wholes from which the smallest are municipalities, having their own taxes and competences in the social and economic area, does not end the delegation of competences. Another natural community to which we need to delegate competences is the family. Everyone will create their own reserve means on his own, the family will create them and there is no need for anyone from outside to give anything to the family. The family will take care about its members mostly on the base of the reserve means it created during its life. Moral health is not an excessive form of altruism but it is the right ratio of competitiveness and solidarity having a perspective in the sense of timeless, not only temporary range. What was taken care of the healthy, hardworking rural people in the past has to be ensured responsibly, partially by returning to the old environment.

 Home requires faithfulness. This is not only a marital issue. Faithfulness to one’s environment of the home should occur too. Mobility is generally adverse for every community; it should be created only naturally by moving in with a partner, migrating to a municipality with lower birth rate and higher abilities to create working opportunities. The right mobility is such that strengthens the home. People can bring various experience and stimuli from the world but they can also bring financial means. However they do not need to spend a half of their life abroad.

 Within the return to the original and natural cultural and biological paradigm it is necessary that the central group of citizens renew the life cycles of people as they used to be in the past. It is necessary to ensure health, the right ratio and age distribution of generations. Young age cannot last longer than until for example 30 years of age. It is desirable to start families when people are still young and this applies especially to women. It is biologically necessary and the medicine would certainly agree with me (suitable age for delivering the first baby is 20-25). Therefore it is necessary to create conditions for this. Then the life cycles (childhood, adolescence, motherhood, middle age, matronly age, older age, old age) will get into accordance with the natural biological essence of people and with a happy fulfilment of life. In a natural life cycle young people get to know the difficulties of life and work as young parents with children and due to overcoming problems their relationship is strengthened and they will have a better chance that their relationship will last. Modesty and work never harmed anyone and the results are only life experience that are paid back when the children get mature and relatively young people will start creating something in their environment, for which there would be enough space in longevity. Nevertheless young people should not end up without means, especially without housing.

 Starting a family at a young age means better stability of the society (see 11). The family will employ young, so far inexperienced people. The upbringing of children is done usually on the base of instincts and it does not require very much life experience. Young people with families tend to search only for traditional values. In today’s modernity when people tend to study and not start families, they are in danger of succumbing to various religious sects, esoteric groups, extremist movements and other intellectual delusions, which without experience usually brings only many foolishness acts that damage the society. Their freedom without being responsible for a family is the living ground of modernistic unnatural nonsense.

 If we take out family contributions and other donations, there will be only the natural means of municipalities and voluntary organizations and young people can be provided with some starter home, then maybe irresponsible birth rate of inadaptable citizens will decrease. If not, they will not be able to provide for their children and different families will adopt those. On the other hand it is not possible to limit fertile people to having two children, when many women are infertile. Adoption has to become a completely common part of an everyday life. It is a timeless behaviour, which simultaneously corresponds with natural evolution.

 This way the natural mechanisms will solve many issues of the current unnatural world. Other national groups can have their own municipalities in which they carry out their living and cultivating their culture using their own means. If they leave this municipality, they will be forced to accept cultural environment of another municipality and adapt to it because the citizens of the municipality can give conditions to immigrants concerning their adaption. Unity in diversity is important to ensure the life of the municipality and the whole home. Diversity can have only such a character that the unity of the community is not disrupted. Unity must not limit freedom within the community. In some cases there is no other option than to exclude the inadaptable elements. Concerning the inadaptable, Lessing says: “National heroes are often immigrants of a foreign blood.”

 Timelessly oriented return to home is a project of creating a society of honest, free, hardworking and healthy people, who are rooted. It is a project of renewing the role of farmers connected to home and maintaining its traditions. It is a project which ends with big families of the “strong” people, that are able to maintain home independently on the situational economic and moral crises, which can eliminate failures of a few weak children, which would be catastrophic in small families and also excluding adverse biological mutations, which in small families lead to dying out of the family. Timeless thinking wins the natural evolution.

 I assume that well-being should be balanced, given by technologies and human work in the extent of emancipation well-being, which means the well-being of an emancipated society, which knows the importance of its conservation. I do not think that it is necessary that the population increase, but new generations should be healthy and have will to live; they should be raised for physical and spiritual work.

 Within the healthy life it is necessary to return to balance between physical and spiritual activities concerning complex concept of work. This is necessary also in order to remove immigration. In such a small, family business there will be the possibility to apply the balance of both types of work. However this needs education of farmers as complete experts on crafts and agriculture and also as managers, who organize the work and do some of the works themselves. Despite this, information technologies create good conditions for home. In many cases people do not need to commute to work or to school, you can carry out many types of work on the computer at home. At the same time it is necessary that the modernistic conflict where there is high work productivity on one side and high unemployment on the other side, is resolved. Therefore productivity is not a priority. The condition of timelessness is the necessity to work. “No pain, no gain, work makes people honest, work made the man, without work people degenerate etc. Without work there is no ethics and without ethics there is no democracy. Independence must be given by work.”

 Home is not created spontaneously, because it has been destroyed, it has to be created according to the image that we all have inside ourselves and according to models from the past. Home does not necessarily have to mean the place of birth, usually when people start a family; they can have their home anywhere in the world. Therefore it is necessary to create home for the immigrants that we want or need in our home. They need to feel that the environment accepts them in their new home. Of course it is also important if they accept it reciprocally. This way we can again fulfil home, gradually left during the industrial revolution, destroyed by the Communists and abandoned after 1989. We have to build it again, without old prejudice.