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Structure of existence of ideal beings; layer and cosmic principles

  Both types of being have theirstructure of levels which I call layer. Lower are subordinate to thehigherones, while usingthe lowere layers of an ideal being canbesubject tothe will of a real being, (man). Although theidealbeing isintrinsicallyimmutable,man can either utilize its rulesthelowerlayersor notand manipulate it this way.Man canuse thelaws of thermodynamicsin an engine,but does not have to.Man asa speciesin itsownphysical nature posseses many patterns of an ideal being, many of which are stillunknown(immunesystem, genetic patterns), yet in hisownfree will he is todecide on himself and thus is superior tothese lowlayers of an ideal being. Althoughhumandecision-makingis partly drivenby his ideal being, his decision-making is entirelyfree andfully under the control of his real existence.Naturalprinciples dominated by man may or may notbe used, may or may not be projected. Usually,nothing sofatalhappens if they are not projected. When market is removed from the life of societyand is replaced withredistribution of means, it is indeed a steptowards socialanemia,but the society itself still can exist. Also, we do not need to usethe laws of thermodynamics as automobiles are not fatally required for society.

  All creatures areincluded in thecosmic order,each of them a bitdifferently.Life of somecreatures isprearranged by idealprinciples (instincts, genetic code) almost completely,even though they do enjoycertain freedom(fliescan flywhere they want), ideal being ingrained in their essence governs them very strongly. Disobedience of their instincts is a very risky behavior.Still they have some, albeit limited freedom of choice. This is also true for humans who acquired more freedom through masteringsomeidealprinciples, but are still not completely free.Someidealprinciplesin the lowerlayers are optional for man, whilst those in higherlayers he has to follow just like a fly in the interest of his own survival. Thissubordinationof mantothe cosmosclassifies man as part of nature next to all othercreaturesand determines thefact that manbelongs to nature together with others.

  Higherlayers of naturalprinciplesare fully ideally given and have fundamental influence,not subject to humaninfluence; man is always subject to them andcannot change his position atwill. These I callthecosmicprinciples.This is especially theupperlayer of lawof natural selectionwhich operatesthroughout thebiological field.If aman inhissociety evaded this law(in the lower layers which he can influence), healthier and better equipped individualshealthier are no longer selected for further reproduction; mandid not remove thecosmic principle(which hecan’t) from general existence, bu he is stillsubject toit in higherlayers.These cosmicprinciples have atough face, one can grumble;howbackward it is to require some naturalselection of people and how unethical it is to talk about it at all and howinhumanelyit sounds.Manis said to be„further“in his development; but in fact he isonly more advanced inculture, nothing more. Many willdivert tovarioustheories and spiritual teachingsto avoidthis “rough true”. Suchtalkwill not help.Prophetswere usuallythose who hadin mind roughfaceof cosmos, and thus criticized people for their lavish lifestyle, irresponsibility and lack oftimelessthinking.They may bestoned, but facetoughcosmic principlesisadamant.

  Cosmicprinciples are theguardians ofgeneralorder of man.The generalorder (seebelow), is immediatelysuperior to man and it’s a selection of soft(mostly negotiable by man) rules, bothidealand real. These rulesare “tested” by generalcosmicordercriteria and for natural lifetheymust be in accord.Mansubmits to the generalorder asa wholeconsciouslyorin hisintrinsic interest while internal rulesof the order he can change andreplace(transposition); but for his continuedexistence he must meet thecosmic criteria(religious people would say:God’swill).Those are therulesof the natural order, which cannot be influencedby manandwhic outside the will of man setoutconditions forsustainedsurvival of the species. Without complying with cosmic criteriamanceases to exist andmay take other creatures to his gravewith him.It is bestto keep the overallexternal effect of rulesfrom a timewhen the character of generalorder was timeless.If man deforms generalorderfor his lifein such a way that it no longer complies with cosmic rules, then certainlyover time the tough face“meaningextinction will manifest, most probably based on thelifeandideasthat are criticized in the first sectionof this book. One wayto thismisunderstanding of cosmic criteriais separationof man fromhisanthropologicalconstants,because purelyrationalmandoes not perceive these rules by his innersense.However,continuityin the higherlayerscontinues, existence of the real worldis not terminated by this, but only an episode of one species willwhichwas no longer kind ofanimal but tried to become a Godbut somehowdid not succeed.

  Set ofnaturalness is how I call this arrangementin which individualnaturalprinciplesare interlinkedand mutually interact, or alternatively one is subordinate tothe other.This also createsa system, something what works independently basedon naturalprinciples;however the individualrelationships areindistinct, andexternally, this systemdisplays characteristics ofa naturalmechanism.Set ofnaturalness, in which individual principles arelooselybound,is for example the conceptof home.

  Here Itriedto finish definition of the termpointof unnaturalness. Coditions of unnaturalnesswere preparedfor a long time, but at some pointthere was a„flip“, increasing quantitymorphed in thenew quality(poor quality), at a time when lifestopped responding to cosmiccriteria.If the lawof natural selectionin humanswasensured bycompetitionwith othercreatures (bear, wolf), later bycompetitionbetween humansocieties andultimately by sexual selectionin conjunctionwith the economicsuccessof families (in the presence of the traditional rulesfor sufficientnatality), cosmic criteria forexistence ofspecies were still met.Lastparadigm was ensured by the traditionalorder.Thatwaskind oflast remnant, someveryunfirmensurance of cosmic criteria.Uponremoval oftraditional orderthe lawof natural selection no longer applied inhuman societyand natality rates decreased below replacementlevel.Thatwas the pointof unnaturalness, because at that momentunnaturallife begun.Of course, certain aspects of unnaturalness did exist before(i.e.reductionof natural resistanceto disease). Ecologicalpoint ofunnaturalnessstartedthe momentwhennaturewas no longer able to absorb pollution throughits naturalinternal mechanisms andirreversibledestruction occurred whichcan only be stoppedbyhuman will.