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The task of people in improving the world

7/ The task of people in improving the world

7/ The task of people in improving the world.  Man is not an end in itself, but a tool for greater „cosmic will“ to the preservation and improvement of the world. As part of this will have very limited freedom. The purpose of human existence is not here just to survive, but to preserve and improve the world .

 At the end of the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant stated the basic thesis of the modernity: Man is the purpose himself. By this he said that people are not the tools of some superior (spiritual) force and not even the tools of other people and basically they serve only to themselves (everything for the man). Therefore until today the theory of humanism burdened exclusively by service to human interests is still valid. Human interests within the “pride of reason” became unsustainable regarding the survival of people and the nature. All modern ideological theories obey this selfishness, only religious theories still use the thesis that people are the tools of God and they serve God and his intentions.

 This is the main idea twist of timeless humanism: Man is not the purpose himself, but he is the tool for conserving and improving the world. By this the humanism returns to a period before the enlightenment. According to old humanism people were controlled by their needs that they satiated and increased by those that they did not need. According to timeless humanism people are responsible for the world and improve it as much as they can, according to their natural conviction. There will be only development of science and technology for the quality of life of all living creatures, not increase of material means. We could also call it: from quantity to quality.

 When people are not led and raised to serve higher purposes, they really become only “the purpose themselves”, they become gods. Disjunction from the world around them occurs, disjunction from the natural principles, the society and then also from other people. If this principle is deepened, then also the service to the society opposes to this saying and individuals are considered more important than the society, but also more important than the future of the world, they become adored beings. This idol is, despite advanced medicine, mortal and it does not care what happens after it is dead.

 Also stray thoughts can be considered higher purposes, however it will never become a stray thought to conserve the living being and be a tool for improving the world. Conservation of the nature, the people, the culture, the nation, the state and improvement of the world is the aim.

 An important tool of this task is belonging of people with the whole world, with the nature and the cosmos, which is simultaneously educational and also political aim.

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