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Unnatural life


   In the first section I will look into current decadent Western civilization with respect to TH. I will analyze the story which has been unfolding in front of our eyes for a long time and which only during the crisis people begun to realize.

Change in principles at the edge of eras – origin of unnaturalness

  If I do not want to start in the middle and complain about immorality of current times; and contend that all shortcomings including low birth rate, disintegration of families, promiscuity, etc., are the consequence of immoral thinking which simply “came from somewhere”, somehow, “by itself”; that declension from Christian values occurred and that is the cause of it all; I do have to ascertain what is truly substantial. What happened since days when people still used to have four children; and natural resources were not overexploited?

  At dawn of the third millennium, new age comes. Everything has changed and old rules no longer apply. Character of everything is changing. One thing is clearly apparent, common denominator is unnaturalness. Natural biological functions are no longer compatible with lifestyle. Man totally dislocated himself from his natural environment and his life became unnatural. People got used to travelling around the world, socializing with friends, highly demanding jobs which require total dedication, life between a car, computer and bed, should suddenly take care of a child, a creature which demands constant attention, causes mess, drools, screams, requires nursing in arms, which is disobedient, does not want to sleep when mummy is tired, and requires love which is no longer for granted. This behavior fit better into the old days and people were less aversion to it because they were used to work and did not require sterile environment; but most importantly the parents were younger, less spoilt, and more flexible.

  But pretentious life is not only in the relationship to children and their naturalness enforced already in these days in unnatural world. It is also about overcoming distances exclusively via transportation vehicles, consummation of foods which would never grow without an avalanche of chemicals; living in houses with stable temperature in air-conditioned rooms without natural microbiologic flora, and so on. Breaking from naturalness brings life in conflict with those matters which do require and must have naturalness. The most tragic of them is motherhood, but another one is care for the sick and elderly who are impossible to dispose off. The situation with children is different. Technical and moral means today allow this problem to be easily resolved – children are simply not born. This way of thinking lacks any naturalness. This way, unnaturalness deepens and one becomes condition for another. Spontaneous process of unnaturalness sets in.

  When people in a self-serving interest began creating unnatural life for themselves, it became questionable whether this type of life is timeless in a sense of sustainability. Are all aspects of unnatural life viable? Is it really possible to break from nature, the “old evil witch”, as it was called by some scientists who were fighting nature on behalf of human interests? If a man declares war on nature, who is going to win? After all, man is a naturally occurring creature and as a part of it he cannot dispose of his biological nature!

  Man is the main actor of changes of biological and physical processes on the whole planet. The fate of this planet and its further existence is in his hands. He declared war on nature and naturalness in general, but only superficial phenomenons suggest partial victories. But direction of world has changed; humans with their imperfect wisdom controls means for destruction of biosphere including its own species. I do not think man would perform act of destruction using some weapon, which would destroy the actor together with the target of the attack, but gradually in the name of affluence which was idolized.

  When nature controlled humans, it was taken for granted that even under adverse conditions children will still be born; and that insufficiently advanced technology does not allow destruction of nature and overexploit non-renewable resources. Until then, all was natural and natural processes functioned; man maintained his abilities and health and despite all wars and disasters existence of human race was not threatened. Once man surpassed natural laws (point of unnaturalness) and begun controlling nature, he started destroying it and himself. Thus, as understood from natural perspective, this unnatural state which, cannot last, and has to change. But we cannot blame technical means that they are at fault. What always matters is human will which controls these means.

  Takeover of control of principal physical and biological processes on the planet from the hands of natural laws to the hands of humans I call process of unnaturalness, which has been happening since certain time which I am calling point of unnaturalness, performed by technique which I am calling technique of unnaturalness which is directed by rules, ideas, and whole agenda of unnaturalness. Process of unnaturalness is spontaneous and is not consciously directed by human institutions. It functions spontaneously based on human characteristics from the point when man became a rulerwithout undergoing transformation. People usually do not have to perceive the process and this can be considered natural. Unnaturalness is in disjunction from natural laws which man with his imperfect wisdom is unable to replace. In point of unnaturalness spontaneity and naturalness, originally acting in accord, broke apart. Naturalness perished, and spontaneous development then continued unnaturally.

  It is not possible to change the top layer (slice) of natural laws which cannot be influenced by man; and in case man does not adjust to them he dies out. Because man is still just one of creatures on Earth and is subject to cosmic principles which do not change when ignored, in a false belief that man can do whatever he pleases (e.g. breed dogs instead of children).