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Recognition of imperfection and uniqueness of the human essence

6/ Recognition of imperfection and uniqueness

6/ Recognition of imperfection and uniqueness of the human essence.

 A part of the “humbleness of reason” is the knowledge that people are imperfect beings. They are very smart and dexterous, however they are imperfect because they do not know everything and we have to admit that there are things that they will never know. People sometimes choose good and sometimes they choose evil.

 However people are so capable to know and recognize this fact, obey the natural laws and carry out their natural obligations. These are given by the cosmic criteria. The effort of a perfect man is beneficial but we have to see the limits of such an effort.

 Human imperfection necessarily leads to importance of the social order, which limits human arbitrariness. Traditional order was created in evolutionary process and its rules underwent the natural selection. Therefore it is a natural principle and it is necessary to change it only with precaution. Submitting to natural principles is the solution for human imperfection.

 If people were perfect, it would be enough to just give the power to one sufficiently capable dictator. Because people are imperfect, individuals or small groups must not be in charge (as the history tells us). Submitting to natural principles in the common area is especially submitting to democracy and its necessary condition – citizen equality and freedom of individuals. The well-known saying that goes: a man is bad but people are good, is true here. A person responsible to a larger community, whose acts are reviewed, behaves completely differently than when they are alone. In a human society there is an order but there is none in an individual. Democracy is therefore a natural principle working above the human will and people are submitting to this principle. As always the natural principle is more perfect that people. To get out of the natural principle and promote arbitrariness is an effort of the mafia. Democracy requires many conditions and often these people are succeeding in its limitations and complete elimination. Therefore it is necessary to know the principles of the democracy as parts of the natural order (see point 2), especially equality of competence and responsibility. Democracy is not only the voting system, but also the functioning citizen society requiring belonging with the community.

 Imperfect people can behave well or badly, their arbitrariness is not predictable. In the Communist period most of the company restaurants were very bad, although the volumes of food were corresponding with the norms and the quality of the ingredients was not bad and although the Factory Committees were dealing with the quality of the food constantly, there was no results. There were a few good factory restaurants. When the factory restaurants were given to administration to private companies, the quality of food increased almost everywhere. Offers of special products started to occur. The arbitrariness of the imperfect human submitted to the natural mechanism of the market, which is more perfect.

 Human essence has an unchanging element, which is given to the mankind as a whole and every races and ethnicities have it (everybody laughs, enjoy things, feel belonging, competitiveness and other common human traits), and a changing element, which changes over time in a specific environment (e.g. the hair colour, the skin colour, the size of the body). The unchanging element connects people and reflects their common origin.

 People are unchanging in their essence. This is proven by history. In the advanced cultural German nation there was a destructive racist theory even in the past. There are proofs of experiments proving that even when people find themselves outside the social order and can afford to be violent towards other people, they will do it even though they are cultural beings. This happened with the survivors on islands and it was proven by many experiments. Culture has no impact on the human essence. People are not evolving to any better kind; they are not improving their essence. The culture and the traditional order evolve and people can become good only when they obey these natural principles.

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