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Responsibility for the world/belonging

3/ Responsibility for the world/belonging

3/ Responsibility for the world/belonging. It is necessary to understand that people take over the responsibility for the existence of other living creatures on the planet because the current spontaneous order of the planet’s evolution destroys or at least harms living things.

 The humankind needs to realize the responsibility it has because today it owns the means for the destruction of the planet not only by wars, but by peaceful life too. Taking over the responsibility does not mean taking over the government. People can be responsible only for the natural processes that they can influence or that they changed in the past. Responsibility does not mean a revolutionary activity to change the world according to ideological projects.

 Crisis spontaneous order: People have overcome natural principles to such an extent that the world develops spontaneously towards degeneration or destruction, especially because of current human activities. If the current economical spontaneous order would exist, it would use up all the resources and pollute the planet. People will be surrounded by an enormous amount of material means, they will gradually degenerate because of their convenient lifestyle without exercise and they will die out because of having not enough offspring and not being able to work. Many spontaneous processes are destructive even today. The current modernity has taken a turn towards crisis, it is directed only by itself and it is a spontaneous way towards destruction or at least degradation. Spontaneity is not itself a natural principle, it is just a consequence, not the essence of the processes. What is spontaneous does not necessarily have to be natural.

 Taking over the responsibility by people means leaving all fatalistic ideological theories that claim that everything is controlled by itself, that they should not interfere with spontaneous processes or that everything is controlled by a superior spiritual force and we are only the watchers who happened to be on Earth, trying to get the most out of our life.

 People own the means for controlling a part of the nature and nothing can take them away from them. Therefore they take over the responsibility for eliminating the natural processes and cannot rely on fatalistic ideas. Responsibility as well as other attributes of timeless life is given especially by introductory feeling of belonging to this world, to this planet, to all other creatures. Precisely because contemporary man of European civilization do not feel belonging with their national or State society, then do not feel responsible for this community and thus no responsibility for nature and the world. Responsibility is given by superior (cosmic) laws (see further).

 The worst thing is that earlier spontaneous natural processes controlled fatal segments of human life and the nature and human communities in their social orders and ideological theories have encoded types of behaviour, which does not contain responsibility for people’s acts. Let us say that in the past, garbage was put into rivers and the nature handled it itself. Today the wastewaters are full of chemicals that are poisonous even in a small amount. People have to either go back and not use these chemicals or find a way for them to be harmless. Also in the past there were more children being born. Today advanced countries introduced efficient contraceptive methods and suddenly, sex does not create children automatically. There is no rule of an order, which would ensure at least a reproductive amount of children. In the past people had to work manually and therefore maintain their physical fitness. Today they live a life without exercise and exertion and if this would not change, they would degenerate physically.

 Responsibility for human activities forces us to humbleness of reason and introducing (retrospectively too) natural principles and critical approach towards human constructions substituting natural principles.

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